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Medical kit ​

We provide needy families with basic first aid supplies, training on the prevention of diseases like malaria, cholera & typhoid. We also provide water purification tablets.

HIV Testing & Education 

In Cameroon, we patronize ‘know your status campaigns,’ which enable people know their HIV status and take control of their lives early enough. This takes the form of free testing and community outreach programs. We offer counseling on treatment options and how to "live positively" for those tested positive. "In partnership with Najibula Health Services International, based in Old-Town Bamenda, we provide basic health facilities that seek to care for the most vulnerable. Hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients and their families have been helped via Health & Education 4 All International under the leadership of Dr. Y. A. Bula.

Computer training 

In partnership with Global InterNet Training Center, we provide computer and Internet trainings to young high school graduates which give them the tools they need to fight poverty. 

Orphans & Orphanage

In Cameroon, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases along with poverty is increasing the number of orphans.


Health & Education 4 All International aims to create positive impact in the lives of school-aged children who reside in the villages and outskirts cities; and have limited or no access to education. Usually, these children are from orphanages and poor families. We have taken the responsibility of helping to shape their lives by educating and providing basic health care to them. This organization has recorded measurable successes during the past year, amongst them the provision of basic education to nearly 500 students. We're actively involved in the following areas:


It is the most potentially devastating – and fastest-growing – health crisis of our time
Care and support
We provide information, advice and support to help people manage their diabetes effectively and confidently.
Our campaigns
We campaign with and for people living with diabetes to improve the quality of care.
We work to halt the rising number of people diagnosed with Type 1 & 2 diabetes by educating them about their risk, encouraging early diagnosis and promoting simple lifestyle changes to help prevent or delay its onset. 
We are working within the communities and include people affected by and at risk of diabetes to help us shape our services and work.

Education/Vocational Training 

In the United States, we offer the Math/Read to Succeed program which will enable at risk students and students with learning disabilities to improve their math/reading skills to the point where they can succeed in school and develop the math/reading skills that will prepare them for life. Studies have shown that poor math and or readers skill-students are more likely to be disruptive in the classroom, truant in school, and at risk of dropping out of school. 

In Cameroon, the Economic empowerment of youths and women is recognized as a central tenet for improving the status and welfare of these groups. Poor and underprivileged youths and young women still struggle to overcome the burden of tribal, class and gender-based inequality and have little or no access to basic resources. It is with regard to the above problems that Health & Education 4 All International is willing to invest on an ongoing program that will educate and train poor rural girls and young women from the Grass-land of Cameroon with basic skills on vocational trainings, petty trading, poultry farming, computer technology and micro-finance. 

This program aims at providing them with self-employment skills, equipment and finance to start up agricultural businesses; involving the production and sales of fruits & vegetables, animal sales and poultry, creation of beauty salons and secretariat duties. This will go a long way to enable them generate their own income and further contribute to poverty alleviation.

School supplies & Sponsorship

We open children's minds by helping them open a book. Both in the United States and Cameroon, we help children attend schools from Pre-school up to the Community College level, by providing tuition assistance and accessories. We currently sponsored needy International students at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) - Charlotte, NC - USA 



What We Do