501(c)(3) USA Public Charity Tax ID 27-4443481

Job Readiness

We help with workforce preparedness, resume and interview trips for disadvantaged men in need especially those just arriving the United States either as refugees, asylee or Green card holders without jobs. 


Helping needy students attend Community College 

We sponsor unprivileged students, asylee and refugees who have no hope without our help to attend local Community Colleges. Many of these students have been victims or have witnessed extreme violence and torture. 

4th Graders at First Ward Elementary School, Up Town Charlotte, NC, USA. 

The goal of the Math/Read to Succeed program is to enable at risk students and students with learning disabilities to improve their math/reading skills to the point where they can succeed in school and develop the math/reading skills that will prepare them for life. This program will work with students at First Ward Creative Art Academic and the Camco children. We will gradually extend this program to more children. Studies have shown that children who are solving math and or reading at a grade level or more behind, are more likely to be disruptive in the classroom, truant from school, and at risk of dropping out of school. Presentations about Africa, Africa Culture - especially Cameroon and Making fractions simple.


The goal of this project is to empower poor rural girls and young women with education, training and skills on business and farming to enable them increase their household income and their living conditions by becoming economically advanced and integrated in the 21 century. 

Female Genital Mutilation  

We believe that no woman should have to suffer a life of shame and isolation for trying to bring a child into the world. In the South West Region of Cameroon, villagers still practice Female Genital Mutilation condemned by International Health experts as damaging to both physical and psychological health. We are Strengthening Efforts to Female Genital Mutilation Abandonment and Women’s Rights Promotion by giving them the opportunity to move up and out of poverty by providing opportunities for education, vocational training and start-up resources. We are currently targeting girls and women in the Ejagham region who are distressed, disabled by offering several program to relief them and educate the villagers about the negative effects of Female Genital Mutilation. In English Cameroon, the lack of access to quality education is preventing hundreds of girls and women from escaping the cycle of Female Genital Mutilation. 

Rami school & C.S. Ntenefor

ome of the children who attend Catholic School (C.S) Ntenefor come from very impoverished, abusive homes where a meal a day is a luxury and technology is only a dream. Health & Education 4 All International help to provide educational resources and training — including ICT training — to hundreds of children and youth, so they can acquire the skills they need to become employable or advance their education at the post-secondary level. We also supports students’ education with basic needs, including tuition, books, school uniform, medical care, social healthcare, sports programs, art and culture and other extramural activities. We seek to provide a stable environment to over 120 eager learners a year, for many years to come. We also support hundred of kids every year to attend school in many parts of Cameroon. 


By working to improve orphan care, we save more lives, and give more orphaned children hope and a future. We work hard to raise a generation of orphans prepared to be significant contributors to their society by providing educational services and life saving skills.