Volunteering at the "No Back Pack Day Initiative" alongside​ Her Excellency Mrs. Ligia Dias Fonseca, First Lady of the republic of Cape Verde

Project Brief Overview
Menstruation is a natural process that girls and women go through at some point in their lives. It is disheartening that something as natural as a menstruation period can infringe on the basic human rights of girls and women. The lack of menstrual hygiene products that most girls and women face contributes to both their disempowerment and health. For young girls especially, menstruation is an addition to the heap of gender disparities they face in life.

In Cameroon, about 80% of Girls are forced to miss out on school (3-5 days) when they menstruate because they can’t afford sanitary towels during their period.

Health & Education 4 All International, a USA based 501(c)(3) Public Charity, is launching a project to provide sanitary kits to young girls and women in Cameroon as well as teach them how to make reusable sanitary pads. World Vision for Education and Development – WVED Cameroon, a locally based organization will assist in providing some volunteers during the training and in picking participants. During this project, girls and young women will be train on how to make sanitary pads. In addition, there will be interactive educational sessions on puberty, menstruation, personal hygiene, sexual health and HIV. The goal of Caring4Girls Project is to reach 1,000 young woman by March 2018.

Call +237 675 990 300 or email info@its4allint.org to book your space or recommend someone. 

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Caring4Girls Project
["My Period my Pride"]      Bamenda, Cameroon: Dec 2017 - July 2018

This program aims at achieving the following main goals:
Goal 1.   Girls will not have to miss school simply because they are menstruating.
Goal 2.   Girls should feel free and comfortable even during their menstruation period.
Goal 3.   Girls will be able to make their own affordable re-usable sanitary pads from natural and chemical-free materials.

Join us for the 2015 Back 2 School free stuff! We will be hosting events on September 10 - 12th, 2015, featuring some of our great sponsors, offering the yearly Freestyle school items, and also offering FREE school guides each day from 11 am - 2 pm.

2015 Back to School - South West, Cameroon

            September 10 - 12, 2015

NajiBula Health Services with Dr. Bula

Health Education and Awareness Campaign – October 2015

“Together We are Changing the World”

Bamendankwe Health campaign - Coordinator: Medical student - Lemina Nadia with participants from France.

Topic will include the following among others

Positive Emotions and Your Health
Learn about how having a positive outlook can benefit your physical health.

 Brain Basics
Changes in the brain can lead to mental disorders, such as depression. Learn how the brain works and what can go wrong.

 STIs - Get Yourself Tested
The Get Yourself Tested campaign is a youthful, empowering social movement to encourage young people to get tested and treated, as needed, for STDs and HIV


Increasing awareness about the importance and benefits of diabetes control is the key objective of the Free Diabetes campaign. The campaign includes tailored materials and messages for high-risk populations and the general population. Many people with diabetes do not realize that having diabetes increases their chances of having a heart attack or stroke. Diabetes is a serious disease, affecting thousands of Cameroonians and g...rowing at epidemic rates especially in rural areas. This is the main reason while Health & Education 4 All International is starting this campaign at Maumu, a small village in the South West Region of Cameroon. Mamou is a small village headed by a chief called chief Likite Williams with a population of about four thousand made-up of mostly farmers. With different age groups, the village has no health Center and no secondary schools. So, the important of this FREE campaign/screening is very important and your help will go a long way to help this poor community.

A lot of people living with diabetes are not aware of this disease. To this end, we will need hundreds of diabetes testing kites. Donations are highly welcome and also, without insulin, a person with type 1 diabetes can die within a week. So, it may seem a shame to toss away perfectly good insulin or supplies just because you switched to a different brand or they were left behind by a departed loved one. Fortunately, you may be able to donate those lifesaving materials and save lives.

We believe that, as one of the progressive leader /institution in our community, you are in a position to better understand the ideals of the, youths in incarceration and Juveniles children in an era where change is a norm rather than the exception.

Email: info@its4allint.org

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