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Our health program is helping improve the health and survival of pregnant women and at-risk children through high quality and free healthcare services. Our Sexual Health program will help youths and women realize their right to sexual and reproductive health, including Mother-to-child HIV transmission and treatment. We will provide prevention, care and support services to those living with HIV and AIDS. Provide Protection to vulnerable children One of our main services is protecting the most vulnerable children. Many highly vulnerable children — including orphans, children affected by conflict, disabled children, and children affected by HIV and AIDS — are subjected to verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, and are often exploited through child labor. We focus on tackling the root causes of these problems by facilitating the participation of children themselves in addressing the problems, along with promoting the widespread awareness of the rights of children. It’s very important that we provide a safe place for children to live and grow to their full potential. 

We also aim on protecting more children from abuse and harmful institutions. We will ensure that more children in conflict-affected and fragile cities enroll in elementary schools, including first-time access to basic education. Our education programs will give people the skills they need to help themselves out of poverty and into prosperity. These programs will help people better prepared to prevent disease, increase higher wages resulting in economic growth. These programs will also support societal growth, better democracy and political stability. Youths and women will learn more about their rights and acquire their skills and knowledge. The education of girls, which is restricted in some countries, yields benefits that extend beyond themselves to their communities and to the society at large. Provide Access to Education Most children do not go to school either because - there is no school nearby - there are not enough classrooms or they cannot afford to pay school fees and other educational materials. In the past years, we have helped to increase the access to education by helping to renovate damaged schools, provide benches for children to sit on and in the future, we're planning on building schools. All of these investments will pay off with more girls and boys going to school and fewer dropping out. So, providing education to women and the girl child will help them with the resources to provide their households with superior nutrition, stronger food security and increased access to health care. Provide Access to Basic Healthcare Services We are providing the tools, training, and resources for communities to raise healthy children. By partnering with local healthcare centers, we are using community-level initiatives that include immunization, child nutrition and hygiene promotion. 

materials including tuition/fees payment, motivational speeches about staying in school, school suppliers. We also helped in the area of Child protection – over 100 children were helped to stay safe from harm and abuse. Health: Around the world, millions of children, youth and adults still die every year mostly from hunger and preventable diseases. For the past two years, we have done our best to help those that our limited resources could permit. We will continue to partner with individual donors, foundations and companies to help in eradicating this unnecessary suffering and death of the poor over the world. Over 2500 children, youths and adults reached through our basic health campaign – children helped through our health and nutrition programs in Cameroon including sponsoring the campaign preventing “Mother-Child HIV Transmission” program. Lifesaving medication for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea were provided to over 300 children in Cameroon. With new technologies emerging every year, Health & Education 4 All International will continue to undergo significant changes as we invest in training and expanding our system to help more people around the world. We are currently working in the United States, Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia and South Sudan. In most of the African countries, children born into poor families, lives on very little. They are doubly affected by poverty: it ruins their childhoods and drastically reduces their chances of a full and rewarding life in the future. They are left with no proper nutrition, education and the chain continues. 

We are helping in closing the gap - will work to make sure that, families can rebuild and sustain their livelihoods within local markets, produce their own food and get the support they need to keep on providing the right nutrition for their young children and educating them the right way. We’re partnering with schools in giving children brighter futures by helping meet their basic needs by providing the schools with school materials and in some cases, providing extra teachers to reduce student - teacher ratio. We are helping families to encourage their children to stay in school and learn to read and write. Children’s earliest educational experiences have a significant impact on their capacity to learn later on. In the area of health, we focus on child health, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and HIV prevention through effective education. 2014 – 2015 TARGETS We will directly reach over one million children, youth and women with high-quality, evidence-based interventions and transformative programs. Our top priority for 2014 – 2015 is to save more children’s lives, treats more children for malnutrition, giving them better access to healthcare. We aim in getting more children into school and improving their education in the toughest places including conflict and emergency zones – as well as here in the United States, where we worked hard to encourage students to stay in school as well as continue and expand our sponsorship program that has helped over 50 International needy students attend Community Colleges in North Carolina.